This page is dedicated to,
Shri Laxman Jain (Guruji),
my music teacher
who showed
how to sing
the song of life.
Music, he said, is within all of us. The notes that are in us are in the universe. It is the same. When the notes from within us come out, they unite with the notes that are universal and the melody then takes over. We are mere instruments, and can only watch as the melody comes out of us and completely occupies the space around and within us. We become witnesses and not the makers of the music. We disappear, music takes over. Music leads, we follow. This, he implied, is the real joy of music.
In Hindi the word for musical note is “Swar” and the word for God or the universal truth is “Iswar”. He would say “Swar” is “Iswar”. “Look,” he would exclaim, “The melody has taken over this room.” I could see what he meant, and more than that I could see that he lived it, he experienced it each moment of his life.