27 September 2017
Posted by sankaran

“The intention of writing this book is to pass on the wisdom I gained from my many guides and from my own experiences, so that it might be of help to others. I felt that all of us have had such guides from whom we have learnt important lessons. We meet them everyday.

Just the other day there came to my clinic for treatment a 60 years old woman. In the course of her history taking she told me that the real VIPs in our lives are the people who we deal with everyday, the garbage man, the office staff, the delivery boy from the grocery store, the security guard at the gate of the building. She said that we should give them our attention and care. They are the ones who directly make a difference in our lives. She not only said this, but actually lived it in her life. She had brought her cook along with her for treatment and I could see how well she cared for him.”

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