Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Eating

30 March 2016
Posted by sankaran

Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Eating

The benefits of healthy eating are good health and a sense of well being. Good nutrition enhances better sleep patterns and improves physical endurance and strength. The right food also enables us to think more clearly.
Over time humans have started processing our food to an increasingly higher degree. The recent technological advancements made the creation of new types of foods relatively easy. This has led to extracting and mixing of food ingredients with an ever stronger emphasis on better taste, while largely neglecting the nutritional value of the food.
Let us consider all the new, highly processed foods so popular today such as fast food, pizza, burgers, sweets, chips, processed meats, cookies, sugary breakfast cereals, energy drinks, soft drinks, zero calorie or zero fat drinks. Such foods are often high in sugar, salt, fat and are nutritionally deficient and contain additives that may be unhealthy.
‘How‘ we eat our food is as important as ‘what’ we eat.

We tend to stuff calories and starve ourselves of essential nutritional ingredients.
The dramatic rise in heart attacks, blood pressure problems, strokes, cancers, diabetes, liver and kidney problems is a byproduct of our modern lifestyle. Fortunately, a healthy diet can help relieve or even eliminate many chronic health issues caused by bad eating habits.
In the long run, right food choices and eating habits will reduce time, money, and energy spent on doctors, hospitals and medical bills.

What constitutes a healthy diet?
Unfortunately, there are more opinions about nutrition and good dietary habits than there are health experts. To further complicate the matter, dietary concepts change over time. Thus it’s easy to get confused and uncertain about what or whom to trust.
Most diets today follow the outdated one-size-fits-all approach which does not take into account the tremendous variability in nutritional needs based on lifestyle, state of health, and genetics.
Nutritional needs differ among people due to many factors like age, state of health, type of work, climate, nutritional imbalances, the amount of daily physical, mental and emotional activities.

Everybody is different and therefore every person has different nutritional needs.
One solution to this problem is to become sufficiently knowledgeable about the relevant subjects and draw reasonable conclusions. Along with ongoing personal experimentation, such an approach will enable us to establish healthy eating habits that work especially well for our own mind and body.
At the clinic, we integrate ‘diet and nutritional counseling’ to encourage healthy eating habit. We train, educate and also demonstrate how to make healthy recipes which are easy and economical to prepare and incorporate in our daily routine.

‘The taste of health’ – at ‘the other song’ clinic
A good diet is based on natural, whole or minimally processed foods. Some of our daily intake should consist of foods that can be eaten raw, such as vegetables and fruits. Our bodies are well adapted at utilizing and dealing with the natural foods.

We need to be aware of the influence of our choices on the body, mind and soul.
We invite you to our ‘The taste of health’ lounge, to try healthy, nutritious and natural food specially prepared for you.
We use no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no chemicals. Just simple natural food!
By tasting our delicious, crispy and crunchy health food, experience the magic of simple yet tasty food that will stimulate all your senses!
We can provide recipes for breakfast, snacks, salads and main course. Include them in your daily routine, and see the miraculously healthy benefits.
We also conduct cookery demonstrations. While you learn how to prepare new dishes, our nutritionist will explain benefits and nutritional values of ingredients, their substitutes as per your taste and their sources.
This journey is an ongoing process towards health.
As a lifestyle, it includes a personal commitment to be moving toward health, happiness and peace!
where: ‘The taste of health’ lounge at 7th floor, ‘the other song’ clinic.

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