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          Do not starve the patient; let the patient eat or drink what he/she likes; may prefer soup,
juice, coconut water, rice cunjee with salt and other rice preparations, curds, banana and
potatoes. Breast-fed children should continue breast-feeding. "Rice cunjee" and "water salt
and sugar solution" are the most important "medicines" for the treatment of diarrhoea. In
watery diarrhoeas any other medicine can be harmful.

          Rice cunjee is made by boiling a handful of rice powder with little water to make it into
a thin liquid. Add one level teaspoon of salt and more water to make it upto 1 litre.
Water 1 glass (200 ml), salt a pinch, Sugar 1 tsp (level).

          Add lime juice (sour/sweet) or orange juice to taste (Some children prefer without juice.
They may prefer juice separately.) Keep this solution in a refrigerator or cold place.

          Consume as much as possible. For adults and teenagers, aim at 1-2 glasses (200 ml.
Glass) after each loose motion. Four younger children aim at half to one glass after each
loose motion. If child does not take much at a time or tends to vomit, give few spoons
every 5-10 minutes day and night. The idea is to ensure enough urine output. Make fresh
solution after 24 hours. Where possible, boil the water and cool it before adding salt and
sugar. (Though boiled water is preferable, it is not essential. Once the solution is ready, do
not boil it). Avoid ready made packets like Electoral. Packets with WHO based formula can
be used



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