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You have come here to heal. The word “heal” means “to make whole”. Healing is an experience that encompasses the whole of you : body , mind and spirit. A place of healing, such as this clinic is, should be designed to promote that process.

We have aimed to create the right atmosphere, with soothing music, relaxed interiors and a library for your total relaxation while you are here. The seaside location completes the picture. We have aimed to create a place of peace, calm and silence , where the real work of healing can happen with the best that Homeopathy can offer you.

We want to see fewer patients and give them full attention, thus ensuring that they get the highest quality of homeopathic care. We therefore need to a strict system of appointments for all cases, new and follow ups.

In most countries Homeopaths see patients once in two months or more and this is an ideal time to evaluate what has happened. This also gives the homeopath more time with each patient. Of course, for queries in between, or acute problems, we will be having a phone hour daily. And, if we feel necessary, we will see you in between. Our e-mail and fax facility will further ease your reporting to us.

Please read the following pages carefully and do cooperate with us by following the norms of this place . That will ensure smooth and peaceful working and this is crucial to our goal, namely your healing .Your cooperation is vital to this process.

We are confident that you will enjoy this place and will appreciate the benefits of the system of working. The name of the building is Beach Haven and together we can create it to be a haven of peace and well being for all of us.




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