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In case of an acute problem, consult the doctor, even if the acute problem is not related to your chief complaint. Acute cases handled with Homoeopathy, would mean one step forward towards better health. Refrain from resorting to any other system of treatment before having consulted the doctor.

During working hours you can phone the clinic and explain the nature of the emergency to the receptionist who will then get a doctor to call you as soon as possible. If the problem is not so acute, the doctor will call you later or during the phone hours.

If you have an acute problem after working hours, you can contact any of the doctors at his/her residence.

The telephone numbers are:

In case the phones are not working, we will switch on our alternate phone: +91-93222 65836


Dr. Rajan Sankaran: (R) +91-22-2670 1931

[Please use this facility only for emergencies and not for reporting your follow-up, taking appointments, etc.]